SafeHouse Ministries “Then the righteous will answer him,
‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and
feed you, or thirsty and give you
something to drink? When did we see
you a stranger and invite you in, or
needing clothes and clothe you? When did
we see you sick, or in prison and go to
visit you?" The King will reply,"I tell you
the truth, whatever you did for one of the
least of these brothers of mine,
you did for me."
- Matthew 25:37-40
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Prayer, Coffee, Sugar and Eggs


First Fruits

Eduardo Lockley

David Budkovich

Mr. David Budkovich has been living in Columbus, Ga for approximately two years. After working as a Pulmonary Technician for 15 years, he made the choice to leave his career behind. Eight months ago he became homeless and was living in different wooded areas around town. After struggles with depression, David began working with New Horizons. Two months ago they helped him acquire an apartment at Ralston Towers and he is doing contract work for different individuals as a source of income. David is doing well and SafeHouse Ministries will continue to give him encouragement and assistance to achieve his goals.

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Patrice Butts

Mrs. Patrice Butts

Mrs. Patrice Butts is a licensed minister at New Birth Outreach Church in Midland Ga.  She is married to Dwayne, her high school sweetheart of 25 years.  God gave them three beautiful children Terralisha, Terranisha, and Tyeisha.  God began to lead her into ministry in 1999 in Minneapolis, MN.  She continued serving when she relocated to Radcliff Ky. for 9 more years.  She had been in Alabama for 4 years and her passion for ministry never went away.  Working at a dental Office in Columbus, a co-worker talked about SafeHouse ministries. Patrice said. “I knew God had directed our paths for such a time as this.”  In 2014 Patrice met the ladies at Trinity House and has been volunteering to speak, share and love the ladies every Wednesday morning since January 2015.  Patrice has a genuine compassion and concern for each and every person God puts in her path.  Every week she teaches and shares three things about God: “He loves, He cares and He knows”.  Patrice said, “My heart’s desire is to always be where God is working and always share love wherever He leads me.  I am truly humble and grateful that God has chosen me to be part of His Grand Plan”.  Thank you Patrice for all you do for the Lord.  We are honored to work with you sharing God's love.

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Employee Award

Jeff Mackey

Chris Aguilar

What an honor to tell you about our Chief Operating Officer, Chris Aguilar. He's been with the ministry from just about the beginning. He was the Chairman of the Evangel Temple Jail Ministry Team. He recruited and organized a team of over 30 men and women who regularly come to the jail to share the love of Jesus with inmates. He felt God called him to be more active. So he began to volunteer in the ministry. His first project was to take the notes and subject matter of our committee on Discipleship and write our new Discipleship Program called the Nehemiah Project. He wrote this 13 week program that teaches new believers how to grow in their faith. The program doesn't speak "church" but speaks the Word of God to inmates in a language they understand. Next he became an Assistant Chaplain in the jail working with men in our program dorms. It wasn't long after that we found a way to hire Chris. He has been instrumental to our being able to open the SafeHouse, Trinity House and Grace House. He manages all the outside of jail efforts of the ministry. He not only leads, but, more importantly, he loves our clients and our team members. We couldn't have grown as quickly as we have without Chris and he deserves to be THANKED. WE LOVE YOU BROTHER!!!

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Home Away From Homelessness

Safe and clean housing
for anyone in transition

Our clients get jobs, save
money and eventually move
out on their own, becomming
productive members of
society. Over half of those
who stay with us leave to a
place of their own.

Trinity House

In November 2010, We
partnered with Trinity
Episcopal Church of
Columbus to open
a 24 bed facility for
disadvantaged women
and children.

Grace House

In August of 2013 we were
deeded a 3 building, 12 unit
abandoned apartment
complex in need of repair.
Much like the people we
serve, the Grace House is
now a beautiful and fully
functioning 48 bed facility
serving homeless men.



The SafeHouse

  • Free Breakfast & Lunch
    365 days per year
  • Computers on-line for job search or relaxation
  • Living room to relax
    and be safe
  • Emergency clothing & transportation
  • Life changing classes
  • Assistance and referrals for anyone in need

I Want a Job

9am Every Friday morning Classes at the SafeHouse to assist anyone who wants to find a job.

Home is Where the Art Is

9am Every Thursday morning Founded by Bo Bartlett & the CSU Bo Bartlett Center, this program provides Art classes.

Creative Writing / RAP / Theater

Classes are every
Monday morning
at 9am to provide
expression and growth.

Faith Community Serving Meals

Churches and ministry groups serving meals at the SafeHouse. Check the calendar at

Bridge to Hope in the Valley


Jail Ministry

Check out our Story!

Worship Opportunities

  • Worship services in the dorms every Sunday afternoon
  • Women’s Bible  Study Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
  • Assistant Chaplains work
    the floors weekday afternoons

Nehemiah Project
discipleship program that is fresh and welcoming to those not raised in church.

G.E.D. Dorms
Over 130 men & women have earned their G.E.D.
while in the Muscogee
County Jail.

Fatherhood Dorm
Teaching men the importance of being an involved and reliable Father.

Veterans Dorm
Who, more than Veterans, deserve a second chance?
We work on PTSD and substance abuse issues.

Faith Based Recovery Dorms
A spiritual program focusing on ending substance abuse issues.

Literacy Program
One-on-One or small group classes to help inmates improve their reading level.


Faith Community
Working Together

The Body of Christ
united to serve.

Bridge To Hope
in the Valley

To feed, clothe and house
the homeless.

Christ Centered
Recovery Network

To provide freedom
from addiction.


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