SafeHouse Ministries “Then the righteous will answer him,
‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and
feed you, or thirsty and give you
something to drink? When did we see
you a stranger and invite you in, or
needing clothes and clothe you? When did
we see you sick, or in prison and go to
visit you?" The King will reply,"I tell you
the truth, whatever you did for one of the
least of these brothers of mine,
you did for me."
- Matthew 25:37-40
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Prior to opening the Chaplains office in the jail there was limited religious programming available in the jail. A small number of licensed or ordained ministers (limit 2 per church) came into the jail on Sundays between 2 and 3pm.; this same group visited individual inmates from noon till 2pm Monday through Friday by video. On an average Sunday, 5-7 men and 1 or 2 women would minister to the inmates. At best, 33% of the inmates had access to a minister on any given Sunday. Today, ministerial visitation hours have been doubled. We now have over 30 ministers coming in the jail on Sunday afternoons, and we offer Bible studies in every cellblock every week.

The ministry gives away 150 Bibles to inmates each month. The Gideon’s, other ministries and area churches donate new Bibles; King James, New King James and ESV.  We give away 150 "Daily Bread" devotionals, 250 “Faith to Faith” devotionals and 250 "Word For Today" devotionals each quarter. We are able to get hundreds of free Christian books donated and put Christian books in inmate library.

Assistant chaplains assigned to the various floors of the jail facilitate a Bible study in each cell each week; ministerial counseling is also available for the inmates.

Isaiah 55:11 says the word will never return to the Lord void. In the Muscogee County Jail the word is read and studied. Lives are changing, souls are being set free and Jesus is proclaimed.
The Chattahoochee Valley Jail Ministry is led to not only address salvation with the inmates, but also to equip them to successfully transition back into the community. Our challenge is that 67% of released inmates will return within 3 years, most of those within the first 6 months. We have created a reentry program to assist inmates with their transition back into the community.




Fatherhood Dorm

We have opened a Fatherhood dorm in the jail where we teach parenting, communications, anger management and proper discipline.  The Columbus Library teaches a class on how to teach a child to read and they provide children’s books for the men to practice.  At graduation from the program, we allow the children and mothers to come to the jail to witness the graduation ceremony and the fathers read to their children, some for the first time ever.  There is evidence that children who are not read to by their parents by age 4 have a 62% chance of being incarcerated.  This program will help end the generational cycle of incarceration and give these fathers the opportunity to give their children a chance to succeed.



Veterna's Dorm


We have opened a Veterans dorm in the jail to work with men who served their country find the resources to leave jail and not come back.  We offer drug and alcohol programming, PTSD classes and support groups, mental health counseling, and exit planning.  Local veterans groups recruit and provide mentors for the men in the dorm to aid in their transition.



Faith Based Dorm

We have opened Faith Based Recovery Dorms in the jail, one for men and another for women.  Inmates apply to be in these dorms because they know they need a spiritual solution to their substance abuse issues.  We offer classes and resources for those seeking freedom from drugs and alcohol.  Participants are chosen based on prior behavior and their desire to remain drug free by giving their lives to Jesus Christ.


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